The First Affair

These are some pictures I clicked during my visit to McLeodganj (2017). In no way do I claim to be a photographer yet. I am only starting and these are the best I could come up with by watching a few YouTube videos, and reading some books here and there. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.



MNP_0198Lines of asymmetry – 1/2



MNP_0100From a stained Innova window – 1/6



MNP_0079From a stained Innova window – 2/6




MNP_0127From a stained Innova window – 3/6




MNP_0132From a stained Innova window – 4/6



MNP_0140A view and a half – 1/3


MNP_0139Lines of asymmetry – 2/2



MNP_0180A view and a half – 2/3



MNP_0093From a stained Innova window – 5/6




MNP_0126From a stained Innova window – 6/6



MNP_0306The third eye – 1/2


MNP_0296Black and White



MNP_0294The third eye – 2/2



MNP_0316Push a pull door



MNP_0309A view and a half – 3/3


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